Denture Repairs in Piara Waters

Broken dentures don’t have to be a problem. Our team in Piara Waters can fix your damaged set so you can get back to eating and speaking comfortably.

Don't Let A Broken Denture Ruin Your Day

You’ve been wearing your dentures for years, but they’re starting to look a little worse for wear.

Dentures can be expensive to replace, and it’s often not worth the cost of buying new ones if you only need a minor repair. In some cases, the dentist may complete the denture repair at their office; however, other times, they will send it out for repairs.

A repair is the best way to fix a broken denture so you can get back to enjoying your favourite foods without any discomfort. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars getting an entirely new set of dentures either; repairs are very affordable! We offer free consultations at our practice if you would like more information about how we can help restore your smile with a repair service.

4 Benefits Of Repairing Your Dentures As Soon As possible

You'll save money:

Dental repairs are unavoidable. Denture repair is necessary in some cases, and it might happen for several reasons. Postponing an appointment with your dentist increases the chances that you'll need to have a denture replaced—this will cost more than getting routine denture repairs. You can save money on dental treatment by getting cracked or unsecured dentures addressed as soon as possible.

You'll have a beautiful smile:

Your dentist will assess whether your teeth require cleaning, polishing, or realignment if you get denture repair. If this is the case, your dental hygienist will be able to remove any stains or discolouration, resulting in a better facial appearance and improved speech.

Repairing dentures quickly relieves pain:

A loose or ill-fitting denture affects the look of your smile and can also lead to the following problems:

A professional denture repair will not only relieve the discomfort and pain caused by broken dentures, but it’ll also keep them from falling out when you speak or eat.

Improved oral health

Damaged dentures are not only unsightly, but they also pose a significant risk to your oral health. Dentures that have been damaged can cause some oral problems, including:

Why Choose Piara Waters Dental For Denture Repairs

Dentures are a common part of life for many people. They can be uncomfortable, unattractive, and hard to use. At Piara Water’s Dental, we believe that denture repairs should restore your smile and improve the comfort and function of your teeth. We will work with you to find the best solution for your needs so you can enjoy eating again without pain or discomfort.
Piara Water’s Dental offers complete dental treatment in an efficient environment with friendly staff members who will ensure that you’re comfortable throughout your visit. Our cutting-edge practice will enable us to provide exceptional care for you and your family. Visit us to find out more information about how we can help fix your broken denture.

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Most broken dentures are repairable. If they break, it may be necessary to replace them with additional acrylic or denture teeth. However, the extent of the damage will determine if it can be repaired or not. If the break is more severe, the denture may need to be remade. Having to repair a missing piece of a denture is the most challenging aspect of denture repair. Each case varies depending on how large the missing piece of denture is.

A chipped or fractured tooth is a significant problem for denture wearers and must be treated immediately. Denture wearers should not attempt to repair chipped or broken denture teeth independently since they might do more damage than good.

Repairing complete dentures is different from partial dentures. A dentist can usually repair it in an hour. However, there may be times when it has to be sent to a dental laboratory, and you may receive it in a day or two, depending on your location.

Handle with care:

Dental appliances such as dentures can survive chewing and biting forces, but not smashing impacts from bathroom flooring or sinks. Always put down a towel before removing your dentures. If you’re not cautious, a slippery grip might result in an accident. It’s far more advisable to establish a routine of laying down a towel or filling the sink with water to avoid unintentional breakage.

Maintaining a good dental hygiene routine:

The cleanliness of your dentures isn’t the only thing that matters regarding dental hygiene. You’ll need to brush and floss your natural teeth as often as possible to keep them healthy. Oral bacteria can build up in the spaces between your teeth, where they can cause problems such as gum disease. Visits to the dentist will keep you informed about your overall oral health status and how to keep your mouth healthy.If you can prevent bacteria from developing, your dentures will stay clean and last much longer.

Nighttime routine:

Also, adhere to the cleaning instructions given by your dentist; use the appropriate denture cleaner and examine for stains, plaque, and other forms of build-up. It’s critical to soak your dentures in water or a solution that has been approved by your dentist overnight. Leaving your dentures out may cause them to warp, dry out, and crack.

Pay attention to minor damage.

Small cracks can quickly grow into large ones. Take time to inspect your dentures at home. Even if you go to the dentist regularly, you also have to keep them clean and in good condition in-between visits. If anything breaks or doesn’t fit right, make a dental appointment immediately.

The cost of denture repair starts at $100. For a more accurate quote, please contact our clinic or make an appointment. You can discuss our affordable pricing options before we begin.

Dentures are typically repaired in a laboratory. A dental office may have a laboratory, but it is more common for denturists or dentists to send the dentures that require attention to a separate facility.

A typical denture repair appointment shouldn’t take much more than an hour out of your day. However, some repairs may require another appointment before you can get the denture back.

Here is the process depending on what needs to be repaired:


The procedure of denture relining involves altering the internal surface of dental prostheses. This repair becomes necessary as teeth and the dental arch deteriorate with age. Relining improves the fit of dentures, making them more comfortable and versatile. Depending on your needs, it could be a soft or hard reline. A soft reline could be done quickly in the dentist’s office while the denture and the mouth impression are sent to a dental laboratory for a hard reline. This process may take around two days to complete.


Dentures are entirely repaired by replacing their acrylic bases. This type of repair is typically performed by a professional on dentures that break due to an accident or wear. Dentures that have been rebased fit more comfortably and last longer. A dental impression is taken during the process, and it is sent to the laboratory along with your dentures for the technician to create a new base. This type of repair may take a few days.

Crown replacement

As dentures wear or fall out, the artificial teeth can break or fall out. The colour and shape of individual teeth can also be altered by improper denture care. Your dentist will be able to replace each tooth quickly if needed. A repair can often be done in their office if they have the tools or facilities.