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Dr Ash Mendis

Dr Ash is a compassionate dentist dedicated to providing her patients with top-tier dental care at Piara Waters Dental. She earned her Doctor of Dental Medicine post-graduate degree from the University of Western Australia with Distinction in 2016, and with years of practice she has honed her skills across a wide range of dental services.

Following her graduation, Dr Ash embarked on a remarkable journey in rural Esperance, where she dedicated several years to serving the local community. Driven by a strong sense of commitment to improving oral health accessibility, she provided essential dental care to residents in the region as the sole dentist at the government clinic.

What truly sets Dr Ash apart is her warm empathetic approach. She understands that visiting the dentist can be intimidating, which is why she takes the time to listen to patients’ concerns and craft treatment plans that prioritise patient comfort and satisfaction. Her dedication to staying up to date with the latest advancements in dentistry ensures that her patients receive the best care possible.

Outside dentistry, Dr Ash is a wife, and a mum to a beautiful 3-year-old girl. She is an avid adventurer who embraces the great outdoors. From hiking to exploring new destinations, she finds inspiration in nature’s beauty, which reflects her appreciation for life’s diverse experiences. 

Dr Sue Nguyen

Dental Treatments

As patients, you will always be offered alternatives when you visit our dental practice. Should you require further dental treatment,
we will discuss all your options as well as the associated costs. It allows you the freedom to make your own decisions without being pressured
We know that everyone has different needs and preferences,
which is why we offer several payment plans to help with your budget. Our financial partners also offer additional assistance if
you need it.