Dental Treatment For DVA Card Holders

Veterans with a Gold Card or White Card from the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) can take advantage of Medicare Benefits Scheme coverage at any dentist who is registered to provide services through the Medicare Benefits Scheme.
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How We Help DVA Card Holders

Gold and White cardholders have different levels of coverage. Dental services, such as cleaning appointments, tooth fillings, and dental crowns, are often covered.
In most situations, you will not be charged for dental treatment. However, major treatments, such as bridges and crowns, are subject to an Annual Monetary Limit (AML). If the total cost of the procedure or restoration exceeds $2,643.25 per year, you may be required to make a co-payment.

Things You Should Know About DVA

Your doctor may schedule check-ups every six months. If you want more frequent check-ups, we must obtain approval from the DVA.
DVA will pay for a replacement if you lose or break your dentures. You may be asked to sign a written declaration explaining why you need a replacement.

What’s Covered by Department Of Veteran Affairs Card ( DVA )?

Preventive dental services are intended to maintain a healthy mouth and teeth. Examples of these services are:
If you have been assessed for a clinical need and have a Veteran Gold Card or Veteran White Card, you may be eligible for dental benefits.