Our technology

Carestream Dental - CS 8200 3D CBCT

The CS 8200 3D CBCT system is a versatile and proven system that features a large field of view, making it ideal for practices that want to expand their range of treatment options. By delivering superior image quality in all methods, the CS 8200 3D differentiates our practice by providing more in-office services. 

This scanner offers an extended field of view that is ideal for scanning an entire arch with just one scan. It is the best device for cases involving an entire dentition and those that require the capture of third molar teeth with adjacent anatomy.

Medit i500

The i500 is designed to satisfy professional demands, optimise workflows, and ensure flexibility. It scans quickly and efficiently using two high-speed cameras. An innovative scan-detecting algorithm allows the i500 to easily pick up where it left off for a more efficient scanning experience. 


With the intraoral scanner i500, patients benefit from more accurate and more comfortable impressions when compared to traditional impression-taking. The small tip on the i500 has been designed to make patient care more straightforward and more comfortable for everyone involved.